Sneeker squi

SHC]] Sneeker

The most tactical class, Sneekers are the fastest moving class available, but are also the weakest. They carry a sabre (resembling a Japanese katana), limiting their attacks to mêlée range, but they can achieve combos which can behead an opponent. When using the sabre, Sneekers can offensive or defensive stance, defensive mode rendering them invulnerable to normal bullets, and allowing them to power up a powerful spin attack. Sneekers can cloak or feign death for "Sneek" attacks. They carry magnova (EMP) and flash-bang (stun) grenades, a device for hacking locked doors and terminals, and a remote controlled robotic camera known as the "Snoopa" for spying on the enemy. The Snoopa also has the ability to self destruct, injuring or killing nearby players. The Snoopa normally takes five seconds to self destruct, but once a player has achieved 500 backstab kills on Xbox Live, the Snoopa is upgraded to detonate instantly (there is also a well known exploit, or glitch, which allows the Snoopa to be used indefinitely without needing to "recharge"; needless to say, this tactic draws the ire of many players online). Just use it once then disguise (upgraded ability)leave disguise then use it again (this will work any amount of times). When upgraded, Sneekers receive a set of daggers which can be thrown or stabbed with, a gas grenade, and the ability to disguise themselves as an enemy.


  • Despite being Chipmunks, the SHC Sneekers are still allowed in the ''Squirrel'' High Command.
  • The Sneeker Tediz from the Old War is the only one of the soldiers that wears a black trench coat and fedora rather than a green army uniform.

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