The most common SharpClaw variant.

The SharpClaw Tribe are a race of wicked humanoid dinosaurs who seek to conquer Dinosaur Planet. They act as Fox's main enemies in the game Star Fox Adventures, and come in many varieties:

1. Blue SharpClaws are only found in icy levels like Ice Mountain and DarkIce Mines. Bigger, fatter ones are called BribeClaws, and they guard various places unless Fox can give them enough scarabs to let him pass. They are the first of these foes Fox meets.

2. Yellow SharpClaws are the most common variation of SharpClaw in the game. Like their blue counterparts, they attack with a mace, and are easy to defeat. Fox can wear a SharpClaw costume, and that costume is modeled after this type of SharpClaw.


Four SharpClaw variations.

3. Green SharpClaws carry larger shields, wields battle axes, and wear protective armor, making them much tougher to destroy. General Scales is one such SharpClaw, although his physical build and his overall appearance are quite different from his brethren.

4. White SharpClaws are big, muscular brutes and are very hard to kill. They also have plenty of attack power.

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