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Rusty Bucket Bay is the eighth world in Banjo-Kazooie. It is a heavily polluted harbour where a ship, the Rusty Bucket, is moored. The water is so polluted that it is hard to breathe even above the surface.

The Witch Switch in Rusty Bucket Bay is notoriously hard to access. It is high up on a column on the ship, and must be jumped to from one of the cranes.
Rusty Bucket Bay



The ten Jiggies available in Rusty Bucket Bay are:

  1. Given to you by Snorkel for freeing him from under the anchor.
  2. In an alcove in the Engine Room.
  3. Behind the Rusty Bucket's propellors (a popular candidate for the game's hardest Jiggy).
  4. Attained by killing Boss Boom Box.
  5. In the Captain's Cabin.
  6. Attained by blowing the ship's whistles in the correct combination. (312-111)
  7. On top of one of the ship's chimneys.
  8. On a box near the top of one of the storage rooms.
  9. Under a cage that can be lifted by one of the cranes.
  10. Attained by collecting all five Jinjos.


The Jinjos to be found in Rusty Bucket Bay are:

  • Blue: Inside one of the store rooms.
  • Green: On a barrel in the pool of toxic waste.
  • Yellow: On a buoy in Snacker's pool.
  • Pink: Underwater, beneath a grille in the ground.
  • Orange: Beyond the 8 egg toll, on a platform.


Propeller Room: Arguably the hardest room in all of Banjo-Kazooie. There are many insanely difficult tricks and traps you must pass to get to the two switches that will let you get a Jiggy. The switches are only temporary, so you have to run back from the room fast (you would want to after millions of deaths in this room). There are also notes needed here that are really difficult to get.

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