Ropey Rampage
Ropey Rampage - Donkey Swinging
Donkey swinging on a rope.
Level No. 1 - 2
Facts Seems to be connected to Jungle Hijinxs
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)

Ropey Rampage is the second level in Donkey Kong Country and its world Kongo Jungle. It comes after Jungle Hijinxs and before Reptile Rumble.

This area appears to take place during the nighttime with a tropical storm ongoing. Kritters return from Jungle Hijinxs, but Armies and Zingers debut in the level. The level primarily focuses on swinging on ropes to crose widened areas.

In the Game Boy Color version, the area just takes place at nighttime and the sky is coloured more of a bluish of the sort. The Game Boy Advance version shows it seeming to take place during daytime as the area appears to be more bright. It also only rains with a lack of thunder and lightning.

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