Pummelweed's artwork from Kameo: Elements of Power.
Powers Plantlike powers
Species Elemental Warrior
Affiliation(s) Elemental Warriors, Kameo
Enemies Shadow Trolls, King Thorn, Kalus
Game(s) Kameo: Elements of Power
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power (2005)

Pummel Weed is one of the ten Elemental Warriors in Kameo: Elements of Power. He is an Plant-elemental warrior that packs a mean punch. He is found in the Enchanted Kingdom, captured by a Shadow Troll. He is the first Elemental Warrior to be retrieved by Kameo. Pummel Weed resembles a Venus Fly Trap with two spiky rosebuds that function as fists. He was one of the three Warriors that Kameo used to assault Thorn's castle at the beginning of the game with.



  • Jab: Alternating the Left and Right triggers, Pummel Weed can perform a combo, ending in an uppercut.
  • Weed Creeper: By simultaneously pressing the Left and Right triggers, Pummel Weed burrows into the ground, leaving only the top of his head showing. This allows him to enter normally inaccessible areas by burrowing underneath gates, and other obstacles.
  • Shredder: During Weed Creeper, by pressing the Left trigger, Pummel Weed can enter special shells, which can be used for various things.


  • Uprooter: During Weed Creeper, by pressing the Right trigger, Pummel Weed flies upward from the ground, performing a powerful uppercut.
  • Razor Top: This upgrade adds spikes to Pummel Weed's head, damaging enemies when he brushes against them, during Weed Creeper.
  • Wildrush: By double-tapping the Left Analog stick, then simultaneously pressing the Left and Right triggers, Pummel Weed charges forward with both fists, allowing him to smash obstacles.
  • Weedkill: During Weed Creeper, by holding the Left trigger, Pummel Weed can charge an attack that can rip enemies limb from limb, when you press the Right trigger.


  • Pummel Weed's unlockable skin from the "Kameo: Design-A-Skin" contest resembles Mumbo Jumbo, including Pummel Weed's "fists" being replaced with skulls, like Mumbo's staff.

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