Mayhem temple

Mayahem Temple is the first stage in Banjo-Tooie. It is home to Targitzan, the boss of the level, the Code Chamber, Ssslumber the snake, Chief Bloatazin, Bovina, the Golden Goliath, Officer Unogopaz, and the Stonies. Jamjars teaches the duo the Egg Aiming, Grip Grab and Breegull Blaster moves. Humba Wumba turns Banjo into a Stony, so he can play the Mayan Kickball Games with 3 stonies to earn a Jiggy. While in Stony form, he can also talk to the Stonies, who will reveal secrets about Mayahem Temple. Mumbo can also summon the Golden Goliath, but only for a few seconds. The Code Chamber can be used to enter 20 cheats, 5 of which are from Cheato.

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