Master Necky
Master Necky Artwork - Donkey Kong Country
Master Necky's artwork from Donkey Kong Country.
Powers Shooting coconuts
Species Necky
Affiliation(s) Kremling Krew
Enemies Kong Family
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (1994)

Master Necky is a giant pink Necky head appearing in the Donkey Kong series. He is possibly related to Master Necky Snr.


Donkey Kong Country

Master Necky first appears in Donkey Kong Country.

When engaged in battle, Master Necky attacks by spewing out coconuts at Donkey and Diddy. The Kongs must attack back at Master Necky by jumping on the tire in the centre of the stage to gain high jumps so they can pounce on his head. After each jump, Master Necky becomes more aggressive and spews coconuts faster. The simians must successfully jump on Master Necky's head five times to defeat him and head on to Vine Valley.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, Master Necky aids Master Necky Snr. in Chimp Caverns. The two spit one coconut at once and try to defeat Donkey and Diddy. When one is jumped on four times, it collapses, making the other Master Necky go incredibly aggressive by spewing four coconuts at once. When both are jumped on four times, Donkey and Diddy win the battle and can move on to the final fight with King K. Rool.



Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance

With Master Necky Snr.


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