Major Ruin
Major Ruin's artwork from Kameo: Elements of Power.
Powers Rock powers, spikes
Species Elemental Warrior
Affiliation(s) Kameo, Elemental Warriors
Enemies Shadow Trolls, King Thorn, Kalus
Game(s) Kameo: Elements of Power
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power (2005)

Major Ruin is one of the ten Elemental Warriors found in Kameo: Elements of Power. He is a Stone-elemental warrior. He is found in the village near the Mountain Falls, captured by a Shadow Troll. He is an armadillo-like creature. Major Ruin was one of the three Warriors that Kameo used to assault Thorn's castle at the beginning of the game with.



  • Boulder Rush: Holding down the Right Trigger, Major Ruin can charge up, then rush forward. This can also be used in the air, allowing him to perform multiple rushes. This is mainly used to traverse gaps or boost up ramps, but it can also deal some damage to enemies.
  • Rock Hop: Holding down the Left Trigger, Major Ruin can charge up, then jump a small height.


  • Razor Back: This upgrade adds spikes to Major Ruin's back, allowing him to deal more damage to enemies. Sometimes, enemies will stick to his back, allowing him to deal more damage to them.
  • Cyclone Spin: By holding the Left and Right Triggers, Major Ruin charges up, then starts ricocheting around the area, damaging enemies unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire.
  • Hyper Cyclone Spin: You must have Cyclone Spin to unlock this upgrade. This allows you to have more control over Major Ruin during Cyclone Spin.


  • Major Ruin's unlockable skin from the "Kameo: Design-a-Skin" contest adds an eggshell to Major Ruin's back.

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