Long ranger squi

Long Ranger Squirrel

Long Rangers are Conker: Live & Reloaded characters that carry a "Widowmaker" sniper rifle that has two zoom modes, and can fire either 7.62mm (anti-infantry) or high velocity DU tiped (depleated uranium) (anti-armor) rounds. The bullets inflict limited damage with body hits, so only head shots are a guaranteed kill (bull shit). The widow maker also has a combination laser sight/overcharge which increases damage and accuracy, but the very visible laser beam reveals the player's position. Long Rangers carry magnova and flash-bang grenades, a medigun, and have the “infravison” ability. When upgraded, they receive the self heal ability, an extra zoom for their widow maker, a frag grenade, and a pair of "Krotch" 45 pistols (revolvers) for close quarters combat. It is generally regarded as the most difficult Sniper in any shooting game to master.

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