This article lists all of the glitches occuring in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. Note that all the titles are conjectural.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Broken Ending Pad

Near the ending of Lava Lagoon, Diddy and Dixie must pounce on a Klobber, pick him up and place him right next to the End of Level Target. The two must get into their Team-up position. As soon as Klobber pounces out from his barrel, a monkey must be thrown into the air while the other jumps in this process of doing so. The thrown monkey must be thrown atthe End of Level Target and, at the same time, have the Klobber run there so the thrown monkey bounces onto him and onto the level target.

If done correctly, the ending pad corrupts, the monkeys are still in the level and the music is cut. The monkeys also walk right through it in this process.

Game Boy Advance

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