LightFoot Village

Fox and Tricky enter the LightFoot Village.

LightFoot Village is a location in Star Fox Adventures and is located between ​ThornTail Hollow and Cape Claw. It is the home of the LightFoot tribe. At first there is nothing else notable but a scarab-shaped post which requires you to pay a toll to get through the gate to Cape Claw.

The Village itself

In LightFoot Village

In the LightFoot Village.

The actual village could only be entered by using a certain hitting combination on the three trees with targets on them. This combination can be learned from a Lightfoot after Fox has already visited the village once. To get in the village, Fox first needs to visit Cape Claw and obtain the Fire Gem. After this the LightFoot will use a baby LightFoot as a trap to catch Fox. Fox will be hit unconscious and when he wakes up, he finds himself tied to a totem pole. He was soon resqued by a CloudRunner.

Two tests

Test of Strength

The Test of Strength.

The Chief LightFoot gives Fox two tests which are required to get access to the third Krazoa Shrine.

The Tracking Test

Fox is required to find four totem poles in two minutes, time set by MuscleFoot.

The Test of Strenght

Fox needs to beat MuscleFoot by rotating a totem pole with paddles to drop the opponent in the pit.

Places of Interest

  • Chief LightFoots Hut

    Entering Chief LightFoot's hut.

    Chief LightFoot's Hut
  • The totem poles
  • The Krazoa Shrine
  • The scarab-shaped post

Important Characters

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