Krazy Koaster
Dixie Kong in a Skull Cart in the level Krazy Koaster.
Level No. 4 - 2
Facts This level replaces Haunted Hall from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land 2

Krazy Koaster is the twenty fourth level in Donkey Kong Land 2 and the second level of the world, Gloomy Gulch. It comes after Ghostly Grove and before Gusty Glade.

In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Krazy Koaster does not appear at all in the game. Instead, the game had Haunted Hall, the unrelated coaster area with the lack-of-appearance Kackle. The reason as to why the level did not appear in Donkey Kong Land 2 as the memory limitations for the Game Boy were getting high during the game's development, including the graphics, making Kackle lack an appearance. The same thing happens with Castle Crush (Donkey Kong Country 2) replaced with Dungeon Danger (Donkey Kong Land 2).

Level Summary

This level is the third and last rollercoaster level of Donkey Kong Land 2. Unlike Donkey Kong Country 2, this level doesn't have main obstacles or hazards such as Kackle from Donkey Kong Country 2. It does require some high jumps though. Zingers inhabit most of this level while Flitters occasionally make an appearance in this level around abysses, Bonus Levels, etc.

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