The Krazoa Tests are challenges in SFA that vary with each Krazoa Spirit found. There are six Krazoa Tests, and they are each different from each other.


The first Krazoa test.

First Test-Test of Observation

Krystal needs to follow as the spirtit hides in one of the baskets. Krystal needs find the spirit three times to complete the test. The test gets a bit harder with each turn as the baskets start moving faster.

Test of Combat

The second test.

Second Test-Test of Combat

Fox needs to fight some SharpClaws in order to complete the test. There is nothing special about the test as Fox can use the Staff normally in combat.

Test of Fear

Fake General Scales.

Third Test-Test of Fear

In this test a cinematic is played. During this cinematic you need to keep the red bar inside the green bar or the test fails. Fox is seen fighting SharpClaws, ShadowHunters and in the end a fake General Scales appears.

Krazoan Test of Strength

The fourth test.

Fourth Test-Test of Strenght

This test is very similar to the LightFoot Test of Strenght except the enemy is a SharpClaw who is slightly stronger than MuscleFoot. In this the LightFoot test Fox only needed to rotate 90 degrees but in this one 180 degrees are required to pass.

Fifth Test-Test of Knowledge

Test of Knowledge

The fifth test.

In this test Fox needs to connect six items with six locations. As you've visited all the six locations before, the test shouldn't be too hard. On the other hand, there are few locations which look similar which could cause confusion.

Sixth Test-The Fight against General Scales

This test wont last long as Scales gives the spirit away after Fox has tried to hit him a few times.

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