Kosha as seen in Donkey Kong 64.

Koshas are small viking-like Kremlings with large spiked clubs. They only appear in DK64. Koshas are known for their high resistance to damage, as nothing but musical instruments and shockwave attacks can defeat one. Throwing an Orange Grenade does nothing, as that will simply cause the Kosha to swat the grenade away with its club, and if a Kong is hit by this club, they will receive a lot of damage. The Feather Bow and other such weapons won't work, either. Despite their size, they are extremely formidable, and thus, if a Kong doesn't have a weapon that can beat a Kosha, then the best plan is to just ignore the Kosha and move on. This type of Kremling literally plays a huge role in Crystal Caves, as one is causing the ceiling of the cave to come crashing down under the Kongs periodically.

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