Honker the Skunk
Honker's artwork from Conker's Pocket Tales.
Powers Throwing food
Species Skunk
Affiliation(s) Evil Acorn
Enemies Conker, Berri
Game(s) Conker's Pocket Tales
First appearance Conker's Pocket Tales (1999)

Honker the Skunk is a boss and a minion of the Evil Acorn in Conker's Pocket Tales. He also is the doppelganger of Conker and challenges him to a shooting match inside of Rapido Ranch.

He also tricks the sheriff of the town into getting Conker arrested for shooting him, but was actually Honker himself. The sheriff later finds out that Conker is innocent and frees Conker from jail. He later goes to Mako Islands where he challenges Conker to a boat race on where Conker must find all four of the boat pieces scattered around. If Conker gets all four pieces, he retrieves a key for the Aztec Temple. Honker, afterwards, is not seen again in the game, except in the credits.

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