Grunty Industries

Grunty Industries

Grunty Industries is the sixth level in Banjo-Tooie. Unlike all the other levels, this one is entered via Chuffy the Train. It is home to Loggo, the Skivvy workers, Bazza Batteries, the Clinkers, the Speakers, and the boss, Weldar. The factory has 5 floors, and is the hardest level in the game. In this level, Jamjars teaches the duo the Claw Clamber Boots, Banjo the Snooze Pack move, and Kazooie the Leg Spring move. Humba Wumba transforms Banjo into a Washing Machine, so he can fire underwear at the workers, and wash the Skivvy workers' overalls. He can also use the service elevator as a Washing Machine. Mumbo peforms the EMP spell to disable machines like the electromagnet and the crushers.

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