Grunty's Furnace Fun is a quiz just before the final jiggy puzzle and the final boss, the quiz consists of several questions depending on the tile you are standing on (when the B button is pressed) if or when you get a quetion wrong you will loose a bit of your health or die (when stood on a skull)

clock = mini game / beat the clock / miniboss eg. boss boom box

Eyes = guess the picture on the screen do you knowwhere you have been

musical note = what or who made this sound

Skull = fail and try agian ... from the start....yes....the STAAAART

Banjo = ?

gruntilda = gruntys personal questions

Brentilda will help in the lair when you think she's just a bit strange by telling you : what pants grunty has , what she eats , went to school , favourite sport , favourite magazine..... but it helps ( i'm not sure if she knew about the quiz mabye she just likes to tell people that grunty had a band called ______ or she has new pants )

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