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Gobi's Valley is the sixth world in Banjo-Kazooie. It is a desert featuring cacti, perilous quicksand and numerous pyramids. It is named after the camel Gobi, who first appears there.

Gobi, King Sandybutt, Grabba, Jinxy, Trunker, the Ancient Ones, Histup, Rubee and Toots appear in this level.

Gobi's Valley

Side view of Jinxy



The Jiggies available in Gobi's Valley are:

  1. Found on a hovering magic carpet inside Jinxy.
  2. Attained by flying through the rings on the Ancient Ones' heads.
  3. Near the ceiling in Rubee's pyramid.
  4. Attained by winning the pair-matching game.
  5. Inside the waterlogged pyramid.
  6. In a sarcophagus in King Sandybutt's Tomb.
  7. Guarded by Grabba.
  8. Given to you by Gobi for setting him free.
  9. A reward for giving Trunker a drink.
  10. Attained by finding all five Jinjos.


The Jinjos to be found in Gobi's Valley are:

  • Blue: In the moat surrounding King Sandybutt's Tomb.
  • Green: In an alcove in one of the smaller pyramids.
  • Yellow: On a rock in the quicksand near the level's entry point.
  • Pink: In a vase inside King Sandybutt's Tomb.
  • Orange: On a flying carpet inside Jinxy.

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