Gloomy Galleon

The light house in Gloomy Galleon.

Gloomy Galleon is the fourth world in DK64. It is, as its name indicates, a water level with a very dark, gloomy atmosphere. Funky doesn't have anything to offer to the Kongs, but if they have the 15 Banana Medals, Cranky will let them play Jetpac on his computer, and challenges them to get 5,000 points to get the Rareware Coin. Lanky can transform into Enguarde the Swordfish and break down walls and treasure chests. The boss of this level is a giant blowfish called Pufftoss, whom Lanky has to fight (in a coconut boat). There are also sunken ships with Kaptain K. Rool's portraits in them. The music for this stage was meant to be Captain Blackeye's theme in Project Dream.


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