Fox McCloud
Fox's artwork from Star Fox Adventures.
Powers Weapons, agility, etc.
Species Fox
Affiliation(s) Falco, Slippy, Peppy, Tricky,Krystal,etc.
Enemies Andross, General Scales
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
First appearance Star Fox Adventures (2002)

Fox McCloud is the main protagonist of the Star Fox Adventures and the main protagonist of the entire Star Fox franchise.

He is sent to Dinosaur Planet in General Pepper's orders in an attempt to save the planet. His first appearance is in Star Fox.

Plight of Sauria

Eight years after the events of the Lylat Wars, a way more cocky and immature Fox McCloud calmed the conflict on Dinosaur Planet (later kenned as "Sauria") by teaming with Prince Tricky of the EarthWalker tribe and returning the SpellStones to their rightful positions in two of the planet's temples, liberating a confined Krystal by returning the five remaining Krazoa Spirits to their rightful positions As his first visit the palace but find out that the Warp Stone could not Wrap dinosaurs fox made a sarcastic joke saying that's a shame but tricky could still hear him as he first met krystal he fell In love by her beauty and charm until peppy snap him out of it, thwarting the orchestrations of General Scales who try hurting the Queen CloudRunner And try battle with him But andross force him to give up the last spirit that was inside the him, and vanquishing a reawakened Andross, who was abaft the troubles on Sauria. He was verboten from bringing his blaster into the mission by Pepper as a condition to accepting the mission, as Pepper believed that they needed to solve the quandary without resorting to brute force, albeit he nonetheless managed to make do with a Staff that he found near the landing site which pristinely belonged to Krystal. After that, he returned to the Great Fox, and General Pepper paid him for preserving Sauria. He and Falco Lombardi (who had left after the events of the Titanian incident.) were reunited, and Krystal apologize to Fox After she regret from taking back her staff coldly and better early joined the Star Fox Team becoming blushing that she was the first female fox to join the team As ROB64 made a sexual joke saying my Sensen indicates that Fox's temperature is rising. Immediately afterwards, the Star Fox Team ostensibly utilized the mazuma that Fox received to rehabilitate the Great Fox, as well as oiling ROB 64 and upgrading the Arwings and Landmasters.


Fox however is the team of Starfox he took over his father's team after his father was betrayed and ambushed By Andross who was expelled from his crimes however he is ready somehow Street Smart and considered to save the world however he can get very annoying and physical upset and considered to save the world however he can get very annoying and physical upset of Tricky when they first met each other of the insults that he says if he stand in the hot springs right now he'll be frozen to death and become very annoying of tricking being kidnapped twice or getting his self into situation troubles somehow he can be considered Worry about Krystal (who was trapped in her crystal prison by andross and General Scales And fell completely in love with her However Fox could be easily manipulated and fool By andross who disguised himself as the god to force him to find the five remaining Hidden spirits so he Be Reborn he shows to have a fear side doing the test of fear if fox or the player fails the test Fox will hear a demonic laugh (Assuming it Andross laughing at his pain and suffering) fox shows the care about his friends and cooling become a sad that heat and tricky's Partnership of saving the world has ended after Fox promised Tricky that he will come back to visit him telling him not to let him wait too long he can be considered Judgment of people's actions such as Krystal when she was free from her prison and took back her stuff which it wasn't his to begin with but only temporary ( but lady she apologize for her rudeness) He can be or considered perverted As ROB64 made a sexual joke saying my Sensen indicates that Fox's temperature is rising.


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