This page is a subpage to Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.

Regional differences

Alternate coloured SNES Controller

North America International
Diddy SNES Controller - NA Sprite Diddy SNES Controller - Int Sprite

In the North American version, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller in areas such as the player select screen, Monkey Museum and The Flying Krock, the buttons on the SNES controller are lavender and purple, unlike the European and Japanese where it is red, blue, yellow and green.

The Flying Krock

North America International
The Flying Krock Interior - NA Background The Flying Krock Interior - Int Background

Another difference besides the alternate coloured buttons on the SNES controller has been found, the door allowing entrance and exits has a hole in it as well in the European and Japanese versions.

Saving in Kong Kollege

International Japan
KongKollegeCountry2 Kong Kollege Japanese - Super Donkey Kong 2

In the North American and European versions of Donkey Kong Country 2, it costs Diddy and Dixie two Banana Coins to save their game, opposing Japan which only has one Banana Coin needed in that game to save the game.

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