CloudRunner Fortress

Fox in CloudRunner Fortress.

CloudRunner Fortress is a location in Star Fox Adventures. It is one of the four locations to float in space around the Dinosaur Planet. It is the home of the CloudRunner tribe.

Get the SpellStone

CloudRunner Fortress is the second location with a SpellStone. Soon after Fox's arrival, he is caught by the SharpClaws after he saw General Scales strangling the Queen CloudRunner. In jail Fox notices that the staff is gone. After escaping from jail Fox needs to blow up a hole in structure to connect Slippy and get the SharpClaw suit

Second SpellStone

The race for the SpellStone begins.

from him. With the suit, Fox takes a SharpClaw's position as guard and as the SharpClaw leaves, Fox can take the staff back. Now he needs to release Gradabug from a cage. Soon after this Fox can finally get back outside and he now needs to find way to the SpellStone. Before Fox can get to the SpellStone, he needs to free Queen CloudRunner from a cage. Queen CloudRunner will ask Fox to find four of her children and gives him the CloudRunner Flute which is used to send the baby CloudRunners back to their mother. After completing this task, you will finally be able to get to the SpellStone. This is the only SpellStone without an actual boss fight as you need to race two SharpClaws instead.