Candy's Save Point
Candy's Save Point in Donkey Kong Country.
Location(s) Donkey Kong Island
Ruler Candy Kong
Inhabitant(s) Candy Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
First appearance Donkey Kong Country (SNES) (1994)

Candy's Save Point is the location of Candy in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of Donkey Kong Country all throughout Donkey Kong Island.

Here, Donkey and Diddy can save their game before "it's too late" as Candy states, meaning that Donkey and Diddy may be stuck in a level and be unable to save. There is one of these places in each world, except for Gangplank Galleon, making there six save points in total tallied. Her area is a wooden studio with red and white cover on top of the stand, along with a Star Barrel-like object in the centre of the studio.

In both remakes, Candy's Save Point had been replaced.

First, Candy's Challenge had become the replacement for Candy's Save Point in the Game Boy Color version where the primates had to scavenge through six challenges to collect a Banana Coin in every one.

The other replacement being Candy's Dance Studio from the Game Boy Advance version. Here, the two monkeys are challenged by Candy by a dancing minigame where they have to have good timing as press the correct buttons to do a certain move. There are six challenges of this on the island.

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