B. Locker

B. Locker guarding one of the last worlds.

B. Locker is a key character from the video game Donkey Kong 64.

Standing Guard

According to B. Locker himself, he is one of many minions of King K. Rool. Unlike the others, however, he has been given a very important task. This task was to block Donkey Kong and keep him from freeing the other Kongs and reclaiming his bananas, but not in a violent way. It is unknown when he was given this task, but it is implied that he arrived on DK Isle the same time his boss did, and was given this order upon arrival.

B. Locker is first seen guarding the gate to Jungle Japes, the first level in Donkey Kong 64. He tells Donkey Kong that if he has at least one Golden Banana, then he can pass. When Donkey Kong shows him the Golden Banana, then B. Locker lets him enter Jungle Japes.

After awhile, DK and the rest of the Kong family pay off B. Locker enough until finally, in Hideout Helm, he calls it quits and leaves. It isn't known what happened to him afterward.

The Payments

Each time Donkey Kong and co. encounter B. Locker, he is guarding a world. He will only let you pass if he is shown enough Golden Bananas, the amout of which varies from level to level. The amount for each world is:


  • B. Locker is designed after a cash register, devices used in stores to store money used to pay for various products, such as furniture, coffee mugs, etc. They are also used to hold change in case someone overpays for certain products.
  • B. Locker's name has two different meanings: the first meaning is that B. Locker blocks the player and keeps them from entering worlds they aren't worthy of playing in yet, and the second part of his name, Locker, symbolizes how all of the collectibles that are found in the worlds he blocks are locked away until B. Locker is shown a satisfactory amount of Golden Bananas.

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