Ash's artwork from Kameo: Elements of Power.
Powers Breathing fire
Species Elemental Warrior
Affiliation(s) Kameo, Elemental Warriors
Enemies Shadow Trolls, King Thorn, Kalus
Game(s) Kameo: Elements of Power
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power (2005)

Ash is one of the ten Elemental Warriors in Kameo: Elements of Power. He is a Fire-elemental warrior. He is given to Kameo by Halis (Kameo's great uncle), after Kameo rescues him from Old Mawood, in the Forest Temple. He is the third Elemental Warrior to be retrieved by Kameo. Ash is a red fire-breathing dragonlike elemental warrior.



  • Fire Blaze: By holding down the Left Trigger, Ash releases a short stream of fire.
  • Fire Blast: By pressing the Right Trigger, Ash fires a fireball in a straight line. The fireball stays close to the ground, and can also go up walls.


  • Inferno: This upgrade increases the length of Fire Blaze's stream of fire.
  • Wildfire: This upgrade increases the amount of fireballs Ash fires during Fire Blast from one to three.
  • Incinerator: By pressing the Left and Right Triggers, Ash sets a fire trap, that, when stepped on by an enemy, or when activated by pressing both Triggers again, releases a whirlwind of fire, damaging anyone standing on it. Ash can heal himself by standing in an Incinerator and activating it.



  • Ash's unlockable skin from the "Kameo: Design-A-Skin" contest turns him into a gryffon. Even in this form, Ash can still breath fire and fire occasionally flames out from his spine.

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