Arwing as seen in Star Fox Adventures.

The Arwings are personal starfighters used by the Star Fox team. In Star Fox Adventures , only two Arwings are seen, the one used by Fox and the one used by Falco at the end of the game.

Arwing in Star Fox Adventures


Fox's arrival

Fox in ThornTail Hollow for the first time.

In Star Fox Adventures, the Arwing is used to enter six areas of Dinosaur Planet. In the beginning only ThornTail Hollow can be entered by using the Arwing, but as the story moves on, the four floating areas can be entered as the GateKeepers are found. At the end of the game when returning to the planet's surface from Walled City, instead of landing in ThornTail Hollow you will land in Krazoa Palace.


Arwing Flight

Cathing a Golden Ring.

To enter the areas you need to pilot the Arwing and collect a certain amount of Golden Rings to enter the area. If you fail, you need to try again. The gameplay is similar to other Star Fox games as you blast enemies and collect upgrades and bombs. There are five different routes, one for each area excluding Krazoa Palace. Difficulty of the route varies as the first routes are easier and fewer rings are required to pass the gate.

The fight against Andross and Falco's support


Andross as seen in Starfox Adventures.

After releasing the final Krazoa Spirit in Krazoa Palace , the true main antagonist would be resurrected. After this Andross flies to space and Fox follows him with his Arwing. During the fight against Andross, after destroying his hands he tries to inhale Fox but is suddenly stopped by an explosion caused by the Arwing passing by. This is followed by a cutscene showing Falco as the pilot of the another Arwing. After this the battle continues but now Falco has started to drop Smart Bombs for Fox. Now when Andross would try to inhale Fox, Smart Bombs should be used to hit his tongue to make his brains invurnerable to attacks.

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