Army Dillo
Army Dillo's artwork from Donkey Kong 64.
Powers Rolling around
Species Armadillo
Affiliation(s) Kremling Krew
Enemies Kong Family
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)

Army Dillo is a large Army boss appearing in Donkey Kong 64 who is used by the Kremling Krew as an area-end guardian. When the time arose to attack DK Isle with his Blast-o-Matic, King K. Rool appointed Army guardian of not one but two keys to K. Lumsy's cage. Receiving a "renovation", Dillo was equipped with two large retractable sidemounted fireball cannons and a metal shell.

After suffering a defeat at the hands of Donkey Kong in Jungle Japes, Army was once again retooled in a Kremling base in Crystal Caves to tout sidemounted rocket boosters, allowing Dillo to perform a shockwave ground slam.

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