Angry Aztec

One of the sections of Angry Aztec

Angry Aztec is a world in DK64. Lanky and Tiny are imprisoned here. Candy Kong is first seen in this level, and gives the Kongs different musical instruments, including a pair of Bongos for Donkey Kong, an Electric Guitar (star shaped) for Diddy, a Trombone for Lanky, a Saxophone for Tiny, and a Triangle for Chunky.

The potions taught by Cranky are as follows:

  • Donkey Kong: Strong Kong
  • Diddy Kong: Rocket Barrel Boost
  • Lanky Kong: Orangstand
  • Tiny Kong: Mini Monkey

Funky supplies Lanky his Grape Shooter and Tiny her Feather Crossbow.

The Boss of this stage is Dogadon, a Dragonfly who breathes fire. Diddy has to fight him, but to fight him, Scoff must be fed 100 bananas.

Angry Aztec is also home to the temple where all the Kongs can enter to claim their selected Golden Bananas, but told by Krosshair (an unseen Kremling) to "GET OUT!"

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